Hi, I'm Susan!

I have built businesses out of the trunk of my car and because of that I help hundreds of artisans and go-getters build a life and business they value using the resources they already have.

After spending 6 years in the entertainment industry and then 20 years after that, learning new skills, I learned both what to do and not to do in building something from scratch.

My biggest takeaway was that not only am I a visionary and a creative, but I am a systems girl.

I needed a system in order to figure out my next big thing. That system, The Five-Stage Framework™, has become the "thing."

In that discovery, I have been able to use my unique talents and gifts to guide others in building any dream business. and prove that you can even start over again

The Five-Stage Framework™ proves: 

  • strategy leads to action
  • the plan is the key to your kingdom
  • building your structure from the ground up will be the biggest puzzle you have ever put together.


I always knew I was an entrepreneur!

As a 7-year-old kid armed with an old cookbook and a burning desire to help others, I baked my first cake from scratch - by myself. 

Empowered by that experience, I created a sellable product, a toy that I sold behind the handball courts at my elementary school.  I was kicking butt before Mr. Kravitz (real name, no joke), the principal called me into his office and told me to shut it down.

As I grew up I designed and sold jewelry, developed a unique recipe for carrot cake purchased by a local shop, and learned calligraphy in high school, offering that service to event planners.

I knew I might not take a traditional route.

I had a 20 year journey to success.


The early years
I spent 6 years in the entertainment industry working for icons and mentors, Bernie Brillstein and Brad Grey. Promoting actors and comedians, in their early work, one of my roles was to establish them in various venues around the country. What I learned was the art of networking.

I took that experience and adopted the mantra “say YES first” and figure it out later.

I was young and I was fearless.

The trip to the lumber yard that woke up my entreprenurial spirit.
It was 1988 and all my friends were having babies. I lost my corporate card privileges and was faced with 30 baby showers and a limited budget for gift buying. 

What I wanted to gift to these new humans, I couldn't find.

So I created it.

A simple trip to the lumber yard with patterns under my arm and a vision ultimately became:

  • A 7 figure global lifestyle brand.
  • Features on the pages of many lifestyle and shelter magazines. 
  • Appearances on shows like ET, Access Hollywood, Style, and Extra.
  • Published a book, Rooms To Grow In, with Random House.
  • Designed the iconic nursery for the set of Father of the Bride II.
  • Was the featured guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show


Take Your First Step

And then I had to pivot.

Within one year I lost my first mentor(my father), my business, and my identity.

I felt grief, self-doubt, and like a loser. I was overwhelmed with the demands of being a mom to three little boys and being cut off from my purpose, which was my energy source. I was devastated.

I returned to thing that sparked me as a 7 year old--I started to bake.

The baking led to gifting, the gifting led to the branding, the branding led to blogging, and the blogging led to figuring out my "what's next."

My recipes and stories started showing up on the pages of The Chicago Tribune and The Huff Post via a syndication deal and people started paying attention.

Local businesses, brands, and those from my past started reaching out, telling me that they wanted to do what I was doing.

Pivoting to my next chapter, I attracted clients who wanted the same thing, and my role as a business therapist was born.


The systems I used to pivot.

Wasn't so simple.

Once again, I couldn't find the book or the manual or the "how-to" on how to create what I was envisioning.

So...I curated it myself.


Bite by Bite - Step by Step - Action by Action

After 10k+ hours, lots of reading, listening, and collating good information, I developed the 5 Stage Framework™,  which helped me get closer to my end goal.

Now it can help you to bridge the gap between your idea and implementation.

I built my reputation as a bottom line, systems girl...

...and through the years learning how to scale that framework and this method is where you find me today.

And here is what I learned:

  • those baby steps lead to action.
  • action leads to momentum and momentum leads to accomplishment.
  • if you don't know the end goal - then it's all pointless 
  • it's a struggle to claim your seat at the table
  • without gumption and grit you won't get to where you want to go
  • taking care of YOU first isn't selfish
  • building something from scratch is not for the faint of hearts
  • strategy leads to automation

The “C” word, the “F” word, and tapping into my value

When I was diagnosed with Cancer, my whole world stopped...for a minute.


Here's the thing...

...life-changing events typically have you re-calibrating. 

Not always easy to see the glass half-full nuggets when you are in those moments. But, if you are fortunate enough to become the beacon of light and capture that clarity, then bridging the gap on where you are and where you want to go gets that much easier.


I built my businesses out of the trunk of my car!

And so can you!

Ready to figure out WHAT'S NEXT and light that FIRE under your ass? 


Choose the option that works best for you.

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