Dorm Food Sucks &
My Kids Are Starving

a step by step guide for
Young Adults to Figure It Out
in the Kitchen

MY KIDS WANT THIS (and so do I)!!


When my second son went off to college, his texts back home to me were mostly about food & the suffering he was experiencing due to the lack of choices in the dining halls.

I pretty much ignored him!

Then, last fall, I visited for "parents weekend". It opened my eyes to the fact that my son was not alone. All of his friends were starving too and it got me thinking...

It was from that encounter that the idea for this eBook was born.

As I sat on a tiny little chair, in his 4th floor dorm room, I started to craft the idea for this book. Many months later, it is finally here and I am excited to be sharing it all with you.

Here's what your college human will learn...

I know some college kids have never so much as boiled water... so this eBook starts at the very beginning & breaks it all down!

Not only will this little handbook give them yummy, delicious recipes to make in minutes (& on their limited college budget!), it will also help YOU!

As the parents of college-age kids, setting them up in their first home, regardless if it's a dorm or an off campus apartment, can be daunting and overwhelming. And having done it now(5 times) I know a thing or two on what to buy(on a budget) & how to set up their first college kitchen without wasting money on unnecessary gadgets they'll never use...

...and best of all, they'll finally stop texting you claiming starvation because "dorm food sucks!"

I wrote this book for college kids because I have college-aged kids & I know how hard it is to give them the tools they need to get started cooking for themselves. In this guide, they find the following:

What to cook, where to find recipes they'll actually like, what to buy to set up their kitchen, and which gadgets are necessary and which are not...

I could list 10 sheet pan meals for you right now that could be created on just that one pan & for only about $22 bucks(the cost of the pan) - that’s a lot of bang for your buck!!


Hi, I’m Susan Salzman

Business advisor and brand story strategist for women of the “What’s next?” Generation(that's probably you!).

I am also a passionate home cook and my love language is feeding others. Being in the kitchen is where I relax and it has been that way since I baked my first cake from scratch at the age of 7.

Originally I started this project as a legacy piece for my kids. Although I have a food blog with about 1k recipes, I wanted something that was going to speak directly to my children. That morphed into this when I recognized the "need" and I simply put pen to paper. What you will find on these pages are so much more than recipes.

You see, I run my kitchen like I do my business. It's all about the plan. Without the plan getting the result we ultimately want will never happen.

This book will tell you what to cook, where to find recipes they'll actually like, what to buy to set up their kitchen, and which gadgets are necessary and which are not...

With the simple tools I teach inside this book, any college kid(or anyone who has never stepped foot into a kitchen) can begin to navigate hundreds of recipes & meals worth Instagramming or Snapchatting about to their friends!!

So, from my kitchen to yours...Cheers­čąé

Life is a little bit better, one bite at a time.


"Susan’s cooking and the beautiful way she presents food to us is absolute inspiration. I have been watching her do her magic not only in the kitchen, but how she presents, packages and delivers both her sweet + savory treats. More importantly - what I found most inspiring in reading this book is how, even at my age, I learned some new tips and tricks. There are so many takeaways that I am going to start implementing immediately! She makes creating delicious and healthy foods doable and less daunting. What a wonderful gift for our college age kids and …all of us, to have Susan’s direction and passion wrapped up on the pages of this super fun digital book!!"

Lori K.


"I can’t even tell you how wonderful it feels to be able to give my kids a step by step guide on how to get it done in the kitchen(without me by their side)! And knowing Susan for the past three decades, I am fully aware of how she creates in the kitchen. She has taught me so many cooking tips, many of which I have already passed along to my kids. And they want to emulate everything I do and have already told me what I will be teaching their future spouses!!"

Dena B.


"This book has Susan all over it and the layout is insane and easy to navigate"! I love the tips, the look, the ideas and how you layout the prep - so easy. It just has so much awesomeness! My daughter just received her copy and she said, "I'm literally obsessed and have only looked at the first 10 pages"!

Jennifer T.


"I am so excited about Susan’s e-book!! I am such a fan of everything she cooks and always find inspiration on her IG page! Whenever she suggests cookbooks I immediately buy them - I don’t even read the reviews. Her reviews are good enough for me! I have 3 boys and although only one of them knows Susan well, they are all vying for a copy of this book. As am I!!"

Robin D.

You WANT this...just sayin'

Your child deserves better...

and you deserve the peace of mind knowing they aren't eating crap every day.