I guide ambitious artisans and go-getters on how to
plan a life and a business
using the resources they already have.


Using my 5 Stage Framework™
you will plan, clarify, design, strategize and grow
a business + your personal brand from the ground up.

Scale • Automate • Monetize 


The 5 Stage Framework

The Blueprint To Building A Successful Brand 


Stage 1 - Imagine it - The Plan-  the foundation


Stage 2 - Believe it - Clarity - seeing what is


Stage 3 - Design it - Core - the creative identity


Stage 4 - Build it  - Narrative - storytelling


Stage 5 - Grow it - Strategy - intellectual property


A comprehensive program that will guide, inspire, and help you create a life and business you love. 

You CAN design and build the life and the career that you have always dreamed of for yourself.

The P.O.P. Collective Experience

Using my 5 Stage Framework to confidently scale, automate, + monetize your ideas and business into a successful brand using the stories, skills, and experience you already have.

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Business Therapy 101 

The perfect balance of discovery, reflection, and intuition to guide you through the next steps necessary to create a business and life you adore.

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Corporate Consulting

Helping organizations and their teams clear the clutter in a more efficient and productive way and achieve business goals using a growth mindset

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As I was in the process of pivoting my career, I knew what I wanted to do but had no idea how to start. In a very distinct way Susan showed me how important it is to create a plan and a roadmap. Because she “simplifies the complicated”, she helped me break down all my big ideas into small bites so I can easily get from one step to the next. Her 5 Stage Framework helped me go from stuck to unstuck!


Susan helped me get over the hump and got me unstuck in the pursuit of my 3rd and final act. In the work that we did(and continue to do), she has helped me get over the dreaded imposter syndrome and has shown me how to use my unique talents and traits to express my authentic voice. In crafting that messaging and identifying how what I do is unique to me, I have been able to grow my business in ways I never ever dreamed possible.


"As a mother who was becoming empty-nested and about to dive into my next chapter, I was overwhelmed with how to plunge. I didn't know where to start. Susan and her team helped pull all of this together to roll out my business with a social media marketing strategy and brand identity with incredible impact."

“There’s something inside me that’s
dying to come out. 

But I’m not quite sure what it is…

or what I’d even do with it once I find out”


If you are a member of the "What's Next" generation
and are ready to ditch the overwhelm than the
P.O.P community is what you are looking for.