Why Loss of Identity is so hard and How to Overcome it!

The truth is is that you are the biggest untapped resource out there - you just need a little help digging out what is already in side of you.

5 questions can most likely start to transform your life and help you tap into those hidden talents that have been there all along.

What you will find inside:


  • Unpack that there are others doing what you might want to do and instead of allowing that to hold you back, it will inspire you to move forward
  • Pinpoint that thing that makes you YOU and why what you have to share has value
  • Recognize your desire zone and how to clarify that hotspot
  • Appreciate how others view you
  • Discover that you do have a few more tools in your toolbox

Tap Into Your Hidden Talents +
Find that Business That
Fires You Up

Hi! I’m Susan...

...the founder behind the Power of the Pivot - an inclusive platform for women of what I like to call the “what’s next” generation.

As a business strategist and growth expert (my clients call me their “business therapist”) I am showing women how to disrupt their P.O.V. by teaching them to tap into the resources they already have. By doing this they begin to remember what it feels like to be in love with themselves.

As a published author, spokesperson, executive consultant and podcast host, my clients include visionaries, creatives, CEO’s and coaches. I help them confidently scale their ideas and business into successful brands using the stories, skills and experience they already have so they can automate and monetize their personal brand in a more impactful way.


She has graced the pages of many magazines as an expert in her niche and sat on a panel of experts on The Oprah Winfrey Show. In addition, she is a published author, digital course creator and host of the upcoming podcast, The Power of the Pivot Podcast.


On the other side of that, I am a mom of three man-children and I love dark chocolate, long walks on the beach, loafers, a good, worn pair of Levi's, and my dog, Lola. I also love to bake and give it away. Feeding others is my love language. So, if you are hungry for a batch of cookies or a new way of viewing who you are and what you do - I can feed you!