Why Loss of Identity is so hard and How to Overcome it!

The truth is is that you are the biggest untapped resource out there - you just need a little help digging out what is already in side of you.

5 questions can most likely start to transform your life and help you tap into those hidden talents that have been there all along.

What you will find inside:


  • Unpack that there are others doing what you might want to do and instead of allowing that to hold you back, it will inspire you to move forward
  • Pinpoint that thing that makes you YOU and why what you have to share has value
  • Recognize your desire zone and how to clarify that hotspot
  • Appreciate how others view you
  • Discover that you do have a few more tools in your toolbox

Tap Into Your Hidden Talents +
Find that Business That
Fires You Up


My story begins back when I was a kid with an old cookbook and a burning desire to help others. And while most kids mess around with arts & crafts and making a mess in the kitchen, I actually sold my stuff and never stopped.  

I have built businesses out of the trunk of my car and because of that I help hundreds of artisans and go-getters build a life and business they value using the resources they already have.

I spent the next 20 years learning new skills. What that taught me is that not only am I a visionary and a creative, but I am also a systems girl.

Discovering and creating The Five Stage Framework™, allowed me to use my unique talents and gifts to build any dream business. and prove that you can even start over again

I have used that knowledge to scale, automate and monetize my business, and I am now showing others, like you,  how to do the same.

~ Susan